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DOSE MICRO MICRODOSE PSILOCYBIN CAPSULES IN UK .  Microdosing involves taking very low doses of a substance, usually a psychedelic drug. The amount of the substance used is significantly below a hallucinogenic dose, yet proponents believe that the practice can produce a range of positive health effects1. Here’s what you need to know about microdosing:


  1. How It Works:
    • Microdosing may work by affecting a person’s serotonin activity. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that stabilizes mood and creates feelings of happiness. It impacts mood, sleep, eating habits, cognition, and body temperature. Serotonin receptor activity is also associated with the effects of psychedelics, such as experiencing 
    • Benefits of Microdosing:
      • Better Mood: Reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression.
      • Improved Focus: Lower distractibility.
      • Self-Care: Including meditative practices.
      • Self-Efficacy: Motivation and ambition.
      • Increased Creativity.
      • Increased Energy.
      • Socialization: A sense of connection, empathy, and verbal fluency.
      • Clarity of Thought and problem-solvingReduced Headache/Migraine.Stress Reduction and reduced sensitivity to trauma.
        • Potential Risks:
          • Neurosis: Continued microdosing over several weeks or months is associated with increased feelings of fear, worry, and anxiety.
          • Adverse Consequences: More likely for those with a history of psychosis or pre-existing risk factors for psychiatric disorders (e.g., bipolar or schizophrenia).
          • Risk of Unwanted Trips: Taking too much and experiencing an unwanted psychedelic “trip.”
          • Side Effects:


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